Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Cider Review #6: Browns (Dunkertons)

The second single varietal cider I've reviewed by Dunkertons of Herefordshire...

Style: Medium-dry / Western Counties / SV.
Appearance: Pale lemon / straw.
Nose: Rich, ripe apple aroma, floral perfumed.
Taste: Uniquely juicy, somewhat tropical, with a citric tartness, lightly done, and mid-to-low tannins that mainly appear in the finish. To me it gives a little more sweetness (a boiled-sweets sort of sweetness - but not artificial) than dryness, but saying that its particularly well balanced and very moreish!
Mouthfeel: Firm. 
Carbonation: Mid range.
ABV: 7.5%
What's in it?: Browns' apples and sulphites. 

Browns' cider apple is classed as a sharp, possessing a very high malic acid content and a low (approaching dessert apple) tannin level. For this cider, Dunkertons seem to have transformed the sharpness into a pleasurably tart tang and combined it with a lemon sherbert fruitiness. Despite being an SV, the cider feels so well balanced and integrated its as if it was made from a range of cider apples chosen with great consideration. This is a testament to both the Browns apple and Dunkertons' class as a cider maker. I've tried three of their ciders so far and all have been impressive. Oh and I love their labels too!

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