Sunday, 17 February 2013

REVIEW #122: Mad Hatter (Outlaw Brewing Co.)

Style: Jasmine Green Tea IPA
Appearance: Golden orange with crisp white head
Nose: Pine forest hops and honey
Taste: The honey and orange and lemon citrus hops immediately grab the attention. These are backed up with a weighty, chewy malt base that flows into a mouth-tingling, juicy but crisply bitter finish and a dry, tannic aftertaste. The jasmine is understated throughout but becomes plainer towards the end, lending its uniquely floral, dry flavour I would describe as a kind of flowery, musty vanilla or sponge cake. Green tea itself is difficult to discern but this may be expected as it possesses a fairly subtle aroma even in the tea cup, far more delicate than its fully fermented counterpart, black tea. 
Mouthfeel: medium to full
Carbonation: mid to low... This is a strong point of the beer. Heavier fizz may have interfered with the body and flavour

I'm a big jasmine green tea drinker so when I saw this beer on the shelf I couldn't pass it up; its a unique creation and besides, its a limited edition! Outlaw Brewing are the more daring and experimental arm of Roosters Brewery, dating back to 1996. They teamed up with Melissa Cole (the beer writer) and Taylors of Harrogate (the Yorkshire tea merchant) to arrive at Mad Hatter. It contains four hops and simpsons pale malt as its base with Taylors jasmine green tea plus jasmine flowers added. The hops are Brewers Gold, Cascade, Crystal and Galaxy. It weighs in at 6.2% ABV.

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