Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Cider Review #2: Dry Cider (Henney's)

This next cider is a dry one from Henney's, a big Herefordshire producer with its products in most supermarkets, but one with a reputation for quality as well as quantity.

Style: Dry / Western Counties.
Appearance: Deep gold and clear as a bell.
Nose: Medium-sweet apple aroma, very floral.
Taste:  Despite its name, this cider doesn't strike me as particularly dry, mainly because a rich apple blossom aroma lends delicate sweetness. This is in turn counterbalanced by a dry acidic note fairly effectively. The finish showcases some nice grippy tannin. I'd describe this as thoroughly bittersweet with a dry finish. All in all then it's a fairly gentle cider but very well structured and appealing.
Mouthfeel: Firm
Carbonation: Much like the rest of the drink, the carbonation is definitely felt but its done with a light touch.

Henney's say this dry cider is the best selling of their range, which also features a medium (called England's Pride - review upcoming), a sweet (with added apple juice concentrate - at least they're honest about it!) and a still vintage. In line with the West Counties tradition, Henney's only use cider apples; specifically Dabinett, Ashton Bitter, Tremletts Bitter, Yarlington Mill (I've an SV of this cultivar by Gwatkins waiting to be drunk) and Michelin. All of Henney's ciders qualify for Herefordshire protected geographical indication (PGI) status although for some reason they, and most other cider producers, choose not to put this designation on the bottle. I guess they don't want people mistaking it for wine :p

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