Friday, 11 January 2013

REVIEW #110: Tap Room Brewing Company IPA (CBs Brewing Co.)

Its been a while but here goes! Pours a glowing amber with a substantial white head. Piney citrus zest on the nose. The obvious citrus notes up front combine with a woody, creamy flavour. These blend into a long, sugar-sweet, sappy, sticky and soapy finish that go some way to mask an astringent bitterness. However the more it goes down, the more soapy the finish becomes, which is a little odd. High carbonation level throughout and nice balance between malt and hop. Decent and worth checking out, but it fails to distinguish itself from the tide of APAs that are available these days... And calling this an IPA is a bit misleading as its blatantly an overhopped American Pale Ale. Rather strangely Sainsbury's also stock a beer from the same brewery called 'American Pale Ale' so it will interesting to see how that differs to this.

This one is part of the current Sainsbury's Taste the Difference range. It hails from the Buffalo Tap Room (CBs Brewing Co.), New York, and I'm all in favour of supermarkets stocking more US microbrews so fair play to Sainsbury's! CBs produce a huge range of beers so I won't list them all here but they seem to be a highly regarded US microbrewery. Excuse the lack of a picture, couldn't get a decent one from the net and my camera has gone walkies!

  • MALTS: Pale ale; cara vienna; munich; wheat
  • ABV: 6%


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