Sunday, 29 April 2012

REVIEW #106: Old Heathen (Weyerbacher Brewery)

Pours inky black with a very short-lived orangey brown head. Chocolate and malt biscuit nose. Caramel, brandy-snap, black coffee and a touch of cinnamon come through in the taste. Old Heathen doesn't have the fullest of body's and has quite a high level of carbonation meaning it doesn't have as much impact as it could. Also the alcohol comes across a little tame, being well hidden. But saying all that its still a decent Imperial Stout and as such is full of rich chocolate flavours and compared to most other styles of beer its like drinking gel(ignite).

Old Heathen, formerly known simply as Imperial Stout, is brewed by Weyerbacher of Pennsylvania. The brewery was founded in 1995 by homebrewers Dan and Sue Weirback. The name Weirback was originally Weyerbacher and of German origin around 2 centuries ago, thus explaining the name of brewery. Their other beers include Double Simcoe IPA, Hops Infusion IPA, Big Ern's IPA, Blithering Idiot (a barley wine), Tiny (a bigger imperial stout at 11.8% !) and Merry Monks (a Belgian ale).
  • MALTS: 7 malts
  • HOPS: 2 HOPS
  • IBU: ?
  • ABV: 8%

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