Wednesday, 18 April 2012

HEAD-TO-HEAD #8: Human Cannonball (Magic Rock Brewing Co.) vs. I Beat yoU (Mikkeller)


I intend this to be the first in a series of seriously hoppy double IPA (DIPA) head-to-heads in the run up to CamRGB's #downDIPA twitter event (search for the hashtag on twitter) on May 26th...

Human Cannonball at 9.2% ABV is the weaker (!) so I'll start here. It pours amber with a short-lived head just a touch off white. Lots of cream with eucalyptus and pine on the nose. The expected floral pine hop hit arrives up front but it seems slightly muted. This beer's complexion veers to the creamier, milkier side of the DIPA. Its certainly creamier than, say, Tø Øl's Final Frontier (review #87) or BrewDog's Hardcore IPA. This I would attribute to Human Cannonball's dense malt base. Moreover it has a refined sugar sweetness about it. Bitterness is the key factor of this beer, as would be expected, but again it doesn't quite seem to reach the heady heights of the aforementioned beers.

Onto I Beat yoU now at 9.75%... This one is a brighter shade of rose-red with an equally ephemeral beige head. Pine, citrus fruit and bubblegum nose; not dissimilar to Human Cannonball but with less of the cream. Again the expected hop hit is delivered with venom & with plenty of the US 'three Cs' about it. It comes across more vegetal and 'greener' tasting than Human Cannonball and has a drier, thinner character. A little more alcohol is also noticeable in the finish. Both are tasty, drinkable examples of DIPAs that possess slight flavour & body differences.

  • IBU:- HC = high / IBY = high
  • ABV:- HC = 9.2% / IBY = 9.75%

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