Monday, 19 March 2012

REVIEW #75: Mahseer I.P.A. (Green Jack Brewing)

Pours out a warm hazy orange with a white head well maintained by vigorous CO2. Soft citrus on the nose, reminiscent of the Cascade hop. The visible carbonation doesn't come across as well as hoped in the taste, leading to a flattish beer. This in turn means the treacly body comes across a little too thickly, and the malt a little too heavily, muting both hop aroma and bitterness. In spite of this, enough orange marmalade and lemon zest notes make it through to produce a fragrant aroma and the finish is bitter enough to satisfy. I just get the feeling that given a more lively character this beer could have been something special.

Green Jack are a brewery based in Suffolk but their Mahseer India Pale Ale takes its name from a 120lb+ fish found in the rivers of Northern India. It is one of the most highly prized catches in freshwater angling. The brewery was founded in 1993 but ceased trading in 2001 only to re-open in 2003. A much larger brewery was set up in 2009 to complement the original micro-brewery. They also lay claim to being the most easterly brewery in the UK.
  • MALTS: ?
  • IBU: mid to high
  • ABV: 5%`

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