Wednesday, 14 March 2012

REVIEW #68: Past Masters Double Stout [Heritage Series #2] (Fuller's)

Pours ink black with a 2-finger thick dark tan head with reasonable staying-power. Strong roasted nut and cocoa aroma.  Luscious chocolate cake and strong raisin & prune notes up front. Bittersweet, rummy finish with roast barley and juicy blackcurrant flavours mixed in. Hops provide balance and a touch of sweetness but little else, befitting of a stout. Only medium bodied with a smooth drinking, oily consistency. Alcohol is fairly well concealed by the big dose of malt but acts to firm up the body a bit. Lovely example of a strong stout.

This is the second and most recent in a line of limited edition beers that wear the 'Past Masters' title and constitute Fullers' Heritage Series. I drank the first, XX Strong Ale, a few weeks before starting the blog so didn't get a chance to review it unfortunately (but do remember enjoying it). You'll be lucky to find that one now due to its limited production. The series revolves around John Keeling, head brewer of Fuller's, delving into the company's brewing records in search of recipes which he then follows to recreate beers from a bygone age. The first two beers in the series are based on Victorian recipes dating from 1891 and 1893 respectively. Both required the used of 'Plumage Archer' barley, which is no longer grown commercially, so Fuller's arranged for the variety to be organically grown and then malted and kilned to spec. Sainsbury's are currently the only retailer stocking the Past Masters beers as far as I'm aware so get a Double Stout while it lasts, you won't regret it. I'm already looking forward to number 3 of the series!
  • MALTS: well kilned plumage archer barley malt
  • HOPS: ?
  • IBU: 30 ish ?
  • ABV: 7.7%`

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  1. II enjoyed this and have a bottle of each in my parents garage for a rainy day


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