Sunday, 11 March 2012

REVIEW #64: Teleporter (Summer Wine Brewery)

Pours a nigh on impenetrable black with darkish beige head. Smells very much in line with a porter, full of forest fruits and earthy hop perfume. Very fruity and sweet to taste, more so than most porters. Difficult to tell whether the fresh and breezy hop character or the 10 different malts contribute most to the fresh fruit flavour. Must be a beautifully equilibrated mixture of the two. A tangy citrus hop finish occurs with some bitterness coming through at the last. Medium to full bodied yet drinks remarkably light and refreshing... The 'Ten Malt' moniker led me to believe I'd be in for a particularly dark & complex beer but Teleporter actually comes across in a nicely unassuming and uncomplicated manner. If a porter was ever qualified to herald the coming of Spring then this would be it.

Summer Wine Brewery was born in 2008 in the Yorkshire town of Holmfirth. Their ethos is to jazz up Yorkshire's traditional beer image (think Sam Smith's) with something a little more avant-garde. This credo is evinced by their bottled beer range which features, among others, a 'lime & coriander Saison', a 'double black Belgian Rye-PA', an 'espresso stout' and most recently, an 'imperial vanilla coffee stout' called KopiKat. All sound unique and exciting. Further reviews of Summer Wine brews to come...
  • MALTS: 10 different malts
  • HOPS: ?
  • IBU: ?
  • ABV: 5%`

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