Saturday, 3 March 2012

From Blogging to Brewing...

By the power of Charlie Papazian, I am soon to embark on a brewing odyssey... May the Complete Joy of Homebrewing 3rd Edition guide me!

What I've got:
  • 27 L Fermentation bucket (decided against glass demijohn) - check
  • airlock to fit grommit of fermentation bucket - check
  • 5 L glass demijohn - why did I buy this!? It looks nice anyway.
  • 2 metre Siphon hose - check
  • loads of bottlecaps - check
  • loads of bottles - check
  • bottle capper - check 
  • bottle brush - check
  • thermometer - check
  • hydrometer - check
  • household bleach - check
  • bucket to wash/sanitise stuff in - check
What I haven't got but soon will have:
  • Brewpot / stockpot - for heating the malt extract
  • Strainers - needed for more advanced brews so I can include proper malt grists and whole/pelleted hops in with the malt extract. 
  • Hop flavoured malt extract and yeast...or beer kit... to get me going
Will keep the blog updated!

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