Thursday, 23 February 2012

Single-hop beers by Marston's in 2012

Marston's are producing a new range of limited edition beers: 12 single-hopped ales, 1 every month of 2012. The use of pale malt as the sole starch source will be kept constant so the only variable will be the hop. As far as I know this is the first initiative of its kind in the UK (Sam Adams in the US have done it using US hops with their Latitude series: click here for a 2-part write-up by Sud Savant) and gives us discerning drinkers a unique chance to sample each hop variety in isolation.

The schedule is as follows:

January - Wai Iti - New Zealand
February - Galaxy - Australia
March - East Kent Golding - England
April - Hallertau Mittelfruh (noble hop) - Germany
May - Cascade - USA
June - Marynka - Poland
July - Styrian Goldings - Slovenia
August - Strisselspalt - France
September - Nelson Sauvin - New Zealand
October - Citra - USA
November - Kohatu - New Zealand
December - Saaz (noble hop) - Czech Republic

They don't seem to be getting bottled, rather will be available on draught from a range of Chef & Brewer Pub Co. pubs. Click here to find your nearest.

I've already missed the rare wai iti hop variety used in January's brew so I better get down the pub to sample Australia's galaxy hop! I'll keep the blog updated with mini-reviews as and when I taste them.

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