Thursday, 9 February 2012

REVIEW #33: London Porter (Fuller's Brewery)

Pours near black with a light auburn head that hangs around for the standard length of time. Aromas of stale brown bread and prunes entice you to drink. Deliciously complex in flavour; prune and redcurrant fruit notes interplay with smooth vanilla and a hint of smokiness. It ends bittersweet: The bitingly spicy hops lend an earthy dryness which couples to juicy plum notes from the four malts. There is also a marked alcohol burn, lending further dryness; surprising because the ABV is standard. The mouthfeel throughout is firm and substantial, giving the beer real presence. As you can imagine, its not exactly a refreshing beer thus one or two should be more than enough to satisfy. In fact I think the old 'meal in a glass' descriptor could be applied more accurately to this than it could to Guinness.

Fuller's London Porter truly is unique in its complexity and I would go as far to say its the finest porter I've ever had the pleasure of drinking. However, there is many a porter I've yet to sample before I can agree with Fuller's claim on the label that its "the worlds finest". Its a quest I shall no doubt enjoy though! For the time being, it remains my favourite porter. Its also the number 1 ranked porter on and has won a ridiculous amount of awards over the years.
  • MALTS: PALE, crystal, brown, chocolate 
  • IBU: ?
  • ABV: 5.4%`

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