Monday, 23 January 2012

REVIEW #4: Smokey Porter (Huisbrouerij Klein Duimpje)

Pours a deep mahogany brown with a huge, pillowy cappuccino-coloured head. The head persists and leaves lacing around the rim of the tulip glass. A woody, earthy, sugary smokiness is the overriding aroma that hits the nose. Somewhat excessive carbonation immediately hits the tongue, I say excessive because this beer proclaims to be modelled on a traditional English porter, yet this level of carbonation lends itself more to a Belgian abbey beer. Big mouthfeel. Sugary, black cherry, blackforest gateau flavours up front and in the finish. The smoked malt is far less prominent in the taste compared to the aroma, yet its presence is felt a little in the finish, as is a faint biscuitty side to the malt. Overall, a little too sweet for my liking; I prefer porters on the dry side. Still, porters can be sweet or dry depending upon the brewer's choice, its a fairly flexible style. This is a beer worth trying if you have a sweet tooth & enjoy smoked beers, but I don't feel it resembles an English porter very accurately.

Smokey Porter is brewed by Huisbrouerij Klein Duimpje ("Tom Thumb") based in a town just south of Haarlem in Holland. Smokey Porter is one of a range of unusual porters brewed, these include Hazelnut Porter, Honey Porter, Extreme Coffee Chocolate Mocha Baltic Porter, etc... My kind of brewery!! The smokey porter gets its smokiness from the use of Bavarian rauch-malt, perhaps most famously employed by Bamburg's Schlenkerla Brauerei.
  • IBU: ?
  • abv: 7%
  • Unfiltered & unpasteurised

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