Sunday, 29 January 2012

REVIEW #14: Porter (Nøgne Ø)

Pours a dark brown with a yellowish, brown-tinged rocky head of fair persistence. Milk chocolate, weak brandy and sweet sappy malt flavours come through on the nose. Milky (stout-like) sweet chocolate initially strikes the palate with an acidic note. Next come leathery tannic notes and a roast coffee, alcohol-dry finish. The hops are evident and balance the beer nicely. The medium carbonation level doesn't diminish the beer's smooth, medium-bodied drinkability but the noticeably dry, moisture-sapping alcohol may, depending on your taste buds. I personally like it a lot. 

Nøgne Ø  means "naked island" in old Danish, a name based on a poem by a native to the town of Grimstad in which the brewery is located. They won silver with this Porter at the World Beer Cup 2008 in the 'robust porter' category. They are a Norwegian brewery founded in 2002 with a growing reputation. I think idiosyncratic is a term easily applied to the brewery, for example they brew 5 different styles of sake (Japanese rice wine) along with the more expected beer! They also produce an imperial Russian stout at 16% (!), a beer which I'm desperate to try - anyone help me out!? ;) 
  • IBU: 30
  • ABV: 7%

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