Friday, 20 January 2012

Introductory post

Hi, I hope I can convincingly catalogue my obsession with porter (and stout... and all dark beer) in this blog... Although to be honest I may put other styles of beer on here from time to time, as I drink pretty much all of them; save for the fruit lambics which are more my girlfriend's territory!

I recently had a big crate delivered containing ~30 bottles from (an excellent online shop, although I wish they had more of their vast stock actually in stock!). These 30 comprise many porters and stouts but are generally a good mix of most styles; from a Belgian 'saison' to an American Pale Ale (APA) by way of a Norwegian Porter. The reviews and ravings that you'll read in my posts will be based on this stock of 30 to begin with, but if I sample any commendable beers on tap on my travels I may put them up in a blog post.

My next plan is to hunt down a bottle of the barrel-aged Greenwich Hospital Porter (Meantime Brewery) from M&S (!!) as its the only place you can find this amazing-sounding porter, apart from a single pub in London where it available on draught (read a review from the Beer-Pages here - no affiliation between this blog and their excellent site btw).

I'll give my first review in the next post...

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