Saturday, 28 January 2012

REVIEW #12: Abel Imperial Stout (Mikkeller)

Pours pitch black with a beautiful bronze head which didn't last for long enough but left plenty of lacing in its wake. The nose is of toasted bread, port and cocoa. Bonfire toffee, espresso, sweet butterscotch and bitter roasted malt flavours flow from the beer when sipped. These are underscored by strong alcoholic solvent notes. It possesses a huge body coupled with a consistency verging on treacle, little in the way of carbonation and only a faint trace of hop. Balance is not Abel's strong point, its intense flavours on the other hand make this beer a real success. It is also devilishly drinkable contrary to its 11.5% ABV.

Mikkeller is a Danish brewing company initiated by two young home-brewers. Now one has left, the other, Mikel Borg Bjergso, is an itinerant brewer who drifts around the world brewing his beers at other breweries. Abel, for example, is brewed at Brouwerij De Molen in Holland.
  • MALTS: ?
  • HOPS: ?
  • IBU: ?
  • ABV: 11.5%

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