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UK & US Porters
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[HtH#2] Smokeless (Red Willow Brewery) - England
[HtH#9] Alice Porter (BrewDog) - Scotland
[HtH#9] Christmas Porter (BrewDog) - Scotland
[#2] Pipeline Porter (Kona Brewing Co.) - Hawaii
[#3] Greenwich Hospital Porter (Meantime Brewing Co.) - England
[#20] Taddy Porter (Samuel Smith's Old Brewery) - England
[#33] London Porter (Fuller's Brewery) - England
[#56] Fade to Black Volume 2 (Left Hand Brewing Co.) - Colorado
[#64] Teleporter (Summer Wine Brewery) - England
[#71] Black Jack Porter (Left Hand Brewing Co.) - Colorado
[#80] Black Knight (Goff's Brewery) - England
[#94] Dark Side of the Geek (Beer Geek Brewery) - England
[#102] Evenlode (Thornbridge Brewery) - England
[#118] Mocha Beer (Bateman's) - England 
[#119] Manchester Star Ale (J.W. Lees) - England

Baltic and Other Porters
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[#1] Baltika Number 6 (Baltika Breweries) - Russia 
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[HtH#2] Fathomless (Red Willow Brewery) - England
[#35] Mud City Stout (Sadler's Ales) - England
[#52] Oyster Stout (Whitstable Brewery) - England
[#54] Stouter Port Stout (Marble Brewery) - England
[#61] Heartless (Red Willow Brewery) - England
[#68] Past Masters Double Stout [Heritage Series #2] (Fuller's) - England
[#72] Barista (Summer Wine Brewery) - England
[#79] Bramble Stout (Burton Bridge Brewery) - England
[#90] Irish Whiskey Cask (Innis and Gunn) - Scotland
[#93] Dry Stout (Stringers Beers) - England
[#96] Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout (Rogue Ales) - USA
[#103] C60 Manifesto (Revolutions Brewing Co.) - England
[#121] Phoenix Stout (Arbor Ales) - England
[#125] Coffee Stout (Nils Oscar) - Sweden
[#127] Black Cab Stout (Fuller's) - England

Foreign Export Stouts
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[#5] Foreign Export Stout (Ridgeway Brewing) - England
[#39] Export Stout 1890 (The Kernel Brewery) - England
[#55] Dragon Stout (Desnoes & Geddes) - Jamaica
[#57] Breakfast Stout [French Oak] (The Kernel Brewery) - England
[#67] Guinness Foreign Extra (Guinness/St. James' Gate) - Ireland
[#78] Guinness Special Export (Guinness/St. James' Gate) - Ireland

Imperial Russian Stouts
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[#12] Abel (Mikkeller) - Denmark but brewed in Holland
[#16] Imperial Stout (Samuel Smith's Old Brewery) - England
[#26] Imperial Stout (Nøgne Ø) - Norway
[#30] Bearded Lady (Magic Rock Brewing) - England
[#32] Emelisse Imperial Russian Stout (Brouwerij Emelisse) - Holland
[#49] Rasputin (Brouwerij de Molen) - Holland
[#63] Black Albert [batch 0] (De Struise Brouwers) - Belgium
[#66] Saint Petersburg (Thornbridge Brewery) - England
[#88] Yeti (Great Divide Brewing Co.) - USA
[#92] Kopikat (Summer Wine Brewery) - England
[#98] Lost Dog (BrewDog + The Lost Abbey) - Scotland & USA
[#100] Black Tokyo Horizon (BrewDog + Mikkeller + Nøgne Ø) - Scotland, Denmark & Norway
[#105] Vitesse Noir (Hardknott Brewery) - England
[#106] Old Heathen (Weyerbacher Brewery) - USA
[#126] Narwhal (Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.) - USA

Winter Warmers
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[#10] Christmas Ale (Titanic Brewery) - England
[#18] Pickled Santa (Hopback Brewery) - England
[#42] God Jul (Nøgne Ø) - Norway
[#107] Underlig Jul (Nøgne Ø) - Norway

Barley Wines, Old Ales & Scotch Ales
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[#59] Olde Expensive Ale (Burton Bridge Brewery) - England
[#62] White Stout (The Durham Brewery) - England
[#81] Yorkshire Stingo (Samuel Smith's Old Brewery) - England
[#91] Dogma (BrewDog) - Scotland
[#117] Owd Rodger (Marstons) - England

Dark Ales, Brown Ales & Milds

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[#15] Black Dog Mild (Elgood and Sons) - England
[#29] Jackie Brown (Mikkeller) - Denmark but brewed in Belgium
[#50] Mann's Brown Ale (Marston's Beer Co.) - England
[#120] LittlePod Vanilla Beer (Hunter's Brewery) - Devon, England
[#128] William Mucklow's Dark Mild (Bewdley Brewery) - Worcestershire, England

UK Bitters

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[HtH#3] Pure UBU (Purity Brewing Co.) - Warwickshire
[HtH#3] Harvest Pale (Castle Rock Brewery) - Nottinghamshire
[#43] Old Intentional (Derby Brewing Co.) - Derbyshire
[#51] Ruby Red Ale (St. Peter's Brewery) - Suffolk
[#113] Butcombe Bitter (Butcombe Brewery) - Somerset

Pale, Blonde, Amber, Dark Ales and IPAs from neither UK or Belgium
[HtH#6] Engels (Brouwerij de Molen) - Bodegraven, Holland
[HtH#6] Americaans (Brouwerij de Molen) - Bodegraven, Holland
[#37] Bed and Breakfast (Brouwerij de Molen) - Holland
[#97] Hitachino Nest Ancient Nipponia (Kiuchi Brewery) - Honshu, Japan

Traditional (> 6% abv) UK India Pale Ales (IPAs)
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[HtH#1] Empire Pale Ale (Burton Bridge Brewery) - Burton-on-Trent, England
[#6] Worthington's White Shield (Museum Brewing Co.) - Burton-upon-Trent, England
[#104] NZPA (Hawkshead Brewery) - Cumbria, England
[#122] Mad Hatter (Outlaw Brewing Co.) - Yorkshire, England
[#123] Dr. Rudi (Arbor Ales) - Bristol, England

Black IPAs
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[HtH#5] Cohort (Summer Wine Brewery) - England
[HtH#5] Faithless XI (Red Willow Brewery) - England
[#65] Magic 8 Ball (Magic Rock Brewing) - England

Overhopped IPAs + Double / Imperial / Extra
 IPAs / American Pale Ales
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[HtH#1] Ruination IPA (Stone Brewing Co.) - California
[HtH#8] Human Cannonball (Magic Rock Brewing Co.) - England
[HtH#8] I Beat yoU (Mikkeller) - Denmark
[#22] Torpedo Extra IPA (Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.) - California
[#36] Hop Wallop (Victory Brewing Co.) - Pennsylvania
[#87] Final Frontier (To Øl) - Denmark
[#95] Ruthless Rye IPA (Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.) - California
[#110] Tap Room Brewing Co. IPA (CB's Brewing Co.) - New York
[#114] Stateside IPA (Saltaire Brewing Co.) - England

Smoked Ales and Gruits
[#48] Geboren & Getogen (Brouwerij de Molen) - Holland

US Red Ales / Blonde Ales / Cream Ales

[#17] Shipyard Export Ale (Shipyard Brewing Co.) - Maine
[#21] Cream Ale (Mikkeller / Revelation Cat) - Denmark & Italy but brewed in Belgium
[#60] Red Rocket Ale (Bear Republic Brewing Co.) - California

Belgian Flemish Reds & Oud Bruins
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-----Click here for all Oud Bruin (Flemish Brown) reviews
[#8] Duchesse de Bourgogne (Brouwerij Verhaeghe Vichte) - West Flanders
[#9] Petrus Oud Bruin (Brouwerij Bavik) - West Flanders
[#46] Gouden Band (Brouwerij Liefmans) - East Flanders
[#89] Vichtenaar (Brouwerij Verhaeghe Vichte) - West Flanders
[#111] Rodenbach Grand Cru (Palm Breweries) - West Flanders

Belgian Lambics including Unblended, Gueuzes & Faros
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[#11] Boon Oude Geuze brewed 2009-2010 (Brouwerij Boon) - Flemish Brabant
[#44] Boon Faro (Brouwerij Boon) - Flemish Brabant
[#74] Cantillon Gueuze 100% Bio (Brasserie Cantillon) - Anderlecht

Belgian Dark Ales: Secular

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[HtH#7] Straffe Hendrik Brugs Quadrupel (Brouwerij de Halve Maan) - West Flanders
[#13] Grottenbier Bruin (Brouwerij St. Bernardus) - West Flanders
[#21] Gauloise Christmas (Brasserie du Bocq) - Wallonian Namur
[#32] Noir de Dottignies (Brouwerij De Ranke) - West Flanders
[#69] Pannepot 2010 Vintage (De Struise Brouwers) - West Flanders
[#82] Vicaris Generaal (Brouwerij Dilewyns) - East Flanders
[#101] Embrasse (Brouwerij De Dochter van de Korenaar) - Antwerp
[#108] Dormaal Donker (Brouwerij Hof Ten Dormaal) - Flemish Brabant
[#109] Canaster WinterScotch (KleinBrouwerij de Glazen Toren) - East Flanders

Belgian Dark Ales: Abbey or Trappist ales
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[HtH#7] Sint Amatus 12 (De Struise Brouwers) - West Flanders
[#25] Steenbrugge Dubbel Bruin (Palm Breweries) - West Flanders
[#28] Tongerlo Bruin (Brouwerij Haacht) - Flemish Brabant
[#115] Ename Cuvee 974 (Brouwerij Roman) - East Flanders

Belgian Pale Ales
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[#19] Bloemenbier (De Proefbrouwerij) - East Flanders
[#24] Bruegel Amber Ale (Brouwerij van Steenberge) - East Flanders
[#34] Gulden Draak 9000 Quadrupel (Brouwerij van Steenberge) - East Flanders
[#38] Gouyasse Tradition Blonde (Brasserie des Geants) - Wallonian Hainaut
[#45] Charles Quint Golden Blonde (Brouwerij Haacht) - Flemish Brabant
[#53] Moinette Blonde (Brasserie Dupont) - Wallonian Hainaut 
[#83] Reinaert Tripel (De Proefbrouwerij) - East Flanders
[#84] Hopus (Brasserie Lefebvre) - Wallonian Brabant

Saisons & Biere du Garde's
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[#70] Saison Cazeau (Brasserie de Cazeau) - Belgium
[#99] India Saison (Nøgne Ø + Bridge Road Brewers) - Norway & Australia


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[#27] Allgäuer Zwickel (Allgäuer Brauhaus) - Germany
[#86] Negra Modelo (Grupo Modelo) - Mexico

Rauchbiers / Smoked lagers
[#40] Holy Smoke (Nøgne Ø) - Norway 

Bocks & Doppelbocks

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[#47] Triumphator (Löwenbräu) - Germany
[#124] Ritterbock (Schlossbrauerei Kaltenberg) - Germany

Wheat Beers

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[HtH #4] Blanche de Namur (Brasserie du Bocq) - Belgium
[HtH #4] St. Bernardus Wit (Brouwerij St. Bernardus) - Belgium
[#41] Erdinger Pikantus (Erdinger Weissbrau) - Germany
[#85] La Trappe Witte Trappist (Brouwerij de Koningshoeven) - Holland

Low Alcohol Beers (< 3% ABV)
[collab #1] Mighty Atom (Fuller's)
[collab #1] Calcutta Pale Ale (Cain's Brewery)
[collab #1] Pale Ale (Marston's)
UK & US IPAs:- 

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